Introduction and company data of Phoenix Industrial Park Ajka Ltd.

From concept to completion - The short history of Phoenix Industrial Park Ajka


  • The concept of the Industrial Park has been developed for job creation purpose in Ajka.

29th August, 1996

  • The municipality adopted a decision on the Industrial Park Ajka and founded Phoenix Park Ajka Ltd.. with an equility capital of 172 million HUF. Its aim is to ensure the establishment of significant area needs of large multinational and domestic companies, and to promote the establishment of suppliers and local small and medium businesses. The municipality adopted the Detailed Development Plan and Local Building Regulation for the territory of the Industrial Park.


  • To qualify the "Industrial Park" title, a tender was submitted based on 19/1997. (V.14). regulation of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.


  • According to the modification of this contract signed by the Economic and Transport Ministry in January, the territory of Industrial Park Ajka continued to increase, reaching 164 hectares (8764 m2).

4th July, 2008

  • Due to the deterioration of the economic environment of the industrial park owners failed to meet sales plan for the area, so that the claims could not be met; therefore, it went into liquidation.

30th April, 2014

  • The PK Receivables Management Plc. and Municipality of Ajka conclude a syndicate agreement, and established Phoenix Park Ajka Ltd.. At the end of the liquidation process, Phoenix Park Ajka Ltd.. owned the properties in the Industrial Park. The new owner submitted an application to the competent ministry to get the “Industrial Park” title so that previously settled enterprises also get back the services provided by this title.

12th January, 2016

  • According to the contract signed by the Ministry of National Economy, Phoenix Industrial Park Ajka is authorised to hold the title “Industrial Park”.
Business name: Phoenix Park Ajka Consulting and Services Limited Liability Company (registration number: 19-09-517218; tax number: 24948290-2-19)
date of establishment: 30th April, 2014
Hungarian Central Statistical Office number: 24948290-6810-113-19
Headquarter of the company: 12 Szabadság tér, Ajka H-8400
CEO: Ferenc Koji, PhD
position: manager
postal address: 2nd ground floor, 3 Vak Bottyán utca, Budapest, H-1111
phone/fax: Phone: +36 (1) 466-4569, Fax:+36 (1) 209-9165
e-mail address
Name of the project leader: József Vingelman
position: projectmanager
postal address: 2nd ground floor, 3 Vak Bottyán utca, Budapest, H-1111
phone: +36 (20) 343-43-22
e-mail address:
Equity of the company: 3M Ft
public 0%
local governmental 20%
domestic private 80%

Your contact person:

József Vingelman
+36 (20) 343-43-22

Company data

Tax number: 24948290-2-19
Registration number: 19-09-517218
Bank account number: 11600006-00000000-66928175
IBAN: HU22 1160 0006 0000 0000 6692 8175